Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photo Sharing

I had never used flickr, but I often use Snapfish, Photobucket, or the Kodak Picture site. These are all great tools for photo sharing. For me it is nice because I have family and friends who live all over the country and I often want to show them a picture or group of pictures, and it's really just not realistic to print them out and mail them.

Professionally the only time I really use photo sharing is when I am directing one of the school plays, I take pictures at rehearsals and the performances and then I save them on my work computer. The only time they are then shared is if the school wants to put them up on the school website, or a parent asks for some of them. In the past I have always just emailed pictures to parents, sometimes we do it as part of a fund raiser and we sell the pictures. But I have never put them up on a photo sharing website, because it has always made me kind of nervous, even though I do have parents sign a specific permission slip allowing the pictures to be used. This is definitely something i will consider for next year though. It might be cool to do a an album from the night of auditions to the last performance. Although I think maybe doing that through a Theatre Dept. Wiki or something would be better. This way I could also post a rehearsal schedule. I think especially being a young teacher, I have to be extremely careful though when it comes to sharing photos of students.


Kate said...

Megan, I like how thoughtful your post is, about sharing photos of students. I have a friend who is a teacher in the North Babylon (?) district, and when she posts pictures of her students (in school plays), she makes the faces invisible. I know it sounds odd, but you get the student, their hair... and no face. Your district might be okay with that solution (though the students do resemble floating wardrobes).

Karen Kliegman said...

If you do decide to do an online album, take a look at RockYou
http://www.rockyou.com/index.php. It's a fun one.