Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My home computer is a Mac, so when I open safari there is a Mac Toolbar that I can add favorites to. So I have always used that as my bookmarking tool. But I did find it frustrating that I only had my favorites saved on that one computer. So I tried a few other online bookmarking sites, but I never really liked any of them. Until now...del.icio.us is great!!! It is so easy to use and extremely convenient. I especially like that I can tag my bookmarks. This is nice if I am trying to locate a particular kind of site.

I will definitely use this at work to make hotlists for different topics. This way if I am putting a lesson together I can save the websites from year to year. I would imagine this will come in handy because I could totally revamp the lesson but still have a list of useful resources. And the best part it is I can access it from anywhere!!!

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Karen Kliegman said...

I have a mac, too, and I recommend that you download firefox on your mac. Safari does not have the same capabilities that firefox has. I'm happy you're happy with delicious!